Status: Provisioned, Down, Active

How and Why do I receive this message whenever I issue pri show span? Please advise what to do? Thank you for any help you will give.

pri show span 4
Primary D-channel: 96
Status: Provisioned, Down, Active
Switchtype: National ISDN
Type: CPE
Window Length: 0/7
Sentrej: 0
SolicitFbit: 0
Retrans: 0
Busy: 0
Overlap Dial: 0
T200 Timer: 1000
T203 Timer: 10000
T305 Timer: 30000
T308 Timer: 4000
T313 Timer: 4000
N200 Counter: 3

The response you are getting looks like what I saw Sunday when I had to switch to a hotspare T1 and the telco was taking the PRI down.
It looks like the underlying T1 carrier is up but that the PRI isn’t active on the carrier’s end.

So where is the problem then is it on the asterisk server or it is on our T1 provider. Please advise. Thank you.