Static on line, but recording is clear

I am a bit stumped by this one… I have users reporting that there is a lot of static on the line, along with choppy audio, but when I pull the recording for the call, it sounds crystal clear. Any thoughts as to what would cause this?

BTW, during the recordings, both the customer and the agent mention the audio quality. So my first knee jerk reaction to call the user a liar may not be the best choice.

jitter which will be a network problem unless you are trying to run Asterisk on a virtual machine.

The phone cannot cope with packets that arrive after their time to be played out, but, as long as the packets arrive and at all, they can still be added to the recording.

My guess is you have 2 different audio problems. A digital signal cannot have static on it though it can have jitter. Static is an analog phenomenon only (though most users probably don’t understand the difference). I have seen a few cases where the handset cord has been damaged in some way and is causing static before the phone (I assume an IP phone) can translate the analog signals into digital. You may have jitter on top of that which is why both ends could would have complained about call quality.

Tell the user the next time it happens to switch to speakerphone and see if the problem goes away. If it’s a short in the handset cord this would eliminate it from the equation. Also, try increasing your jitter buffer a bit.