Static and white noise on TDM2400P analog lines


My company recently purchased a TDM2400P card which we’re using to interconnect our existing telephone lines and our office extensions. After connecting the lines with the card we’re hearing a lot of noise in the background on our end, people who we are calling or calling in are not experiencing the noise but they do tell us that when we speak, the noise travels with us so they can hear it. The noise is not loud but it’s at a volume where you can’t ignore it.

The wire we’re using to connect the card with our teleco is standard telephone wire. We do have an APC backups power supply close to these wires but i’ve always known APC to shield their backups so I can’t imagine that the power supply would be causing the noise. We have two IP phones connected to asterisk and when we call out with these phones, we don’t experience any problems with call quality only when we’re using our analog cordless phones.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem with their card?



Someone called into Digium Support today and spoke with Ian. Was this you?

If not, please contact Ian in Support, he should be able to assist.

+1 256 428 6000