Stasis ARI caller channel value NULL


I have built a basic ARI application using ari4java library that enables an extension to dial another extension and play a media file to the endpoint that has answered the call. It is working properly with no issues and i followed the concept that should be done in the application:

  1. Create a Web-socket with asterisk server.
  2. Use the Stasis Start event.
  3. Have two channels for the caller and the call-ed extension.
  4. Create a bridge and put the two channels inside.
  5. Use the Dial to call the channel of the extension
    public ChannelsDialPostRequest **dial**(String string) throws RestException;
  6. Play a media file for the desired channel.

But i am having issues with the value of the caller channel, the value of the caller channel on the Ringing status is null. In addition After Answering from the other extension the caller channel is still null in the Answer status.

The Ringing events:

After answering the call events:

Weirdly, the scenario is working but if i wanted to manipulate the caller channel after the dial i can’t as the value is null, please can someone tell me how i can change the value from null.

@jcolp can you help please?

If I have anything of value to add to the conversation then I will. There is no need to tag me.

Sorry jcolp, i assumed you might know why and help me with this issue. Again sorry for tagging won’t happen again.

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