Spying more than one bridged channels

I am a fairly new asterisk developer. Currently my assignment to extend the chanspy app or rather the mix montior application The idea is to monitor bridged channels so that I can do something like this MixMonitorExt(ast_channel origChan, termChan) From what it seems like if I have one call bridged with another call mixmonitor works fine but for the case when we have more than one bridged calls I dont have a clue on how to get frames for the other channels. I digged in through the application and was able to get a list of all currently bridged channels ( the _bridge member in the ast_struct_channel) but mixmonitor seems to monitor only the first channel bridged. I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to here. I went all the way to ast_write_frame methods but unsuccessfull. Any pointers/help would be highly appreciated