Sporatic Inbound Call Problems

I have a hotel who has been on an Asterisk system for almost 2 years. They are set up w/a PRI (23 channels). Suddenly we are having sporatic inbound problems (no programming has been changed). All calls are to ring in to the front desk ring group, with an IVR picking up after 4 rings if no answer. As of 2 weeks ago, there are times when the main # is dialed and there will be a ring/no answer, or a busy signal, or a telco generated message saying that the “called party is not accepting calls at this tme”. So it appears that these calls are somehow coming in on a channel that is no longer directed to our system. There is at least 2 occasion when 2 of our techs called in one right after the other and each tech got the telco message. The calls should not have come in on the same channel. Any ideas what might suddenly be causing this issue?


Sounds like a stuck channel, it happens, connect to the asterisk cli and do a “show channels verbose”

if you see a realy long call duration restart asterisk

aslo check the asterisk log file, grepping it for “alarm” or “hdlc”