Spoofing CALLER ID

Have several VOIP accts that are only used for outbound service. If recipient calls back to the number shown on Caller ID, there can be no answer. How can I gain control of number shown on Caller ID equipment.
Is this ability dependent on TISP or ATA equipment configuration??

Thanks in advance to all who reply


Caller ID is set by your voip provider unless they will let you supply it to them

Try adding something like this to your dialplan before the Dial command and then call your cell phone and see what caller-id number is displayed.

exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,SetCallerID(“Mario Luigi”<2141234567>)

Many voip termination providers will relay the phone number you send them for caller-id and the far end will honor it, but the caller name you send won’t appear at the far end, the terminating network will generally do a CNAM lookup via SS7 to determine what caller name to display.