Splitting inbound calls by projects

Hi everyone
I’m looking for several days already and can’t find any solution for my problem: we have several projects here (each has its own dedicated DID(s)) and a single support team for all of them. So I need to find a way to let my agent know what project this call comes from before he picks up the phone. Right now it’s almost impossible with trixbox + zoiper, the only ugly hack I found is making a separate queue for each of my projects and tell my agents to carefully read what queue this customer came from (as it’s the only info that trixbox sends to agent softphone together with a call).

So my question is what is the best way to tell the agent what inbound company this call came from? Maybe some additional (even paid) software? Some CRM, that will load a page with every call? Or any way to send custom data to my softphone with every call?
Any ideas are highly appreciated.

As you had deal with trixbox I suppose the better place for this post is in Asterisk Now or FreePBX section .

On subj. You can use CID name prefix which can optionally prefix the Caller ID name. ie: If you prefix with “Sales:”, a call from John Doe would display as “Sales:John Doe” on the extensions that ring.:

So for each DID use it’s own prefix.

Oh, sorry for incorrect thread, though that it’s more general question, than distro-specific.
Thx for the idea, will check it out.