Speex Wideband


from what I have read asterisk 1.6.2+ with speex 1.1+ should work with the speex wideband codec?

i have asterisk and speex 1.1.12 installed (both from source)

speex/8000 appears to work properly, however speex/16000 doesn’t seem to be in the list of supported codecs asterisk returns (within asterisk i only see mention to “speex”, but from checking the UDP packets it is only allowing SPEEX/8000 and rejecting my clients requests for SPEEX/16000). is there something i could have missed (an “enable wideband” compile time option for example), or is there something i can check that might cause it to not be working?



You’ll want to look at the beta releases of 1.8 for that support, it’s not part of the 1.6.x series.


Thanks, it now shows up as an additional speex16 codec which works, however when I use ConfBridge to join a speex16 call with a ulaw/alaw (other codecs not tested) calls asterisk crashes, should I put this down to a bug the beta version or is it potentially a configuration issue?


Hard to mess that configuration up.

Open an issue on the issue tracker so we can get it looked over.

Thank you. :smile:

Thanks for the reply, I have allowed ulaw and alaw again and it seems to be working, i’ve tested with several clients and now can’t reproduce it (it was happening as soon as a user entered with a different codec before), i have set a cron job to alert me and auto restart and i’ll see how it goes.


Keep us posted. :smile:


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