Speex and moh

Hi, I want to convert all sounds and moh in speex codec. I compiled codec sucesfully, ‘core show translation’ shows codec working.
Even software phone with speex codec works ok (tested with softphone phoner.de/).

But ‘file convert …/moh/fpm-sunshine.wav …/moh/fpm-sunshine.speex’ does not work. It says Unable to open output file: …/moh/fpm-sunshine.speex. Convert to to gsm or alaw works ok. When I convert wav in extern software, the result files also does not works in my asterisk system.

I want use this codec for all sounds and moh, because I think that all sounds I can store in much more quality than for example in gsm codec. I am limited by disk space, and speex codec seems to me like good choice. I am not limited by cpu.

Now I try to recompile asterisk with ilbc codec and ‘file convert’ to ilbc format works. Convert to speex still doesnt work. Speex settings I take from configs/codecs.conf.sample.