Specific a phone number for 2 Asterisk PBX

I have already trunked the 2 PBXs. The extensions range of the first one is 1xx and the second is 2xx. I can call them each other through the 1xx and 2xx number.
Follow this below example because my english description is not very good. I wanna take them all in one that means all of 1xx will become 12345678 and all of 2xx will become 87654321. So I can use the new number for the 2 pbxs to take an IVR or an annoucement or somethings like this.

Thank you for seeing this post. And look forward to receiving your responses. Love you guys!

I’m having trouble understanding the question, although, assuming “wanna” means “would like to”, I’m pretty sure that the answer is “yes”.

Could you please provide the configuration you have already tried, and details of how it failed, or a the very least, provide worked examples of the desired behaviour.