Spaces in parts of config file

Does the spacing around the “=” sign make a difference ? The endpoint part seems to want spaces. The auth6002 does not — comments ?

HERE is an example from the asterisk docs:
[ 6002 ]

type = endpoint

context = internal

disallow = all

allow = ulaw

aors = 6002

auth = auth6002

[ 6002 ]

type = aor

contact = sip: 6002 @192 .0. 2.1 : 5060




password= 1234

username= 6001

Endpoint doesn’t want or need spaces. For options I believe they get stripped away, maybe same for context names too.

Thanks - seems unlikely the spacing would be so different, yet that is what I see on the documentation, so I figured I would ask. I will try to use consistent syntax.

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