Spaces between options in users.conf

I’m using Asterisk SVN-branch-1.4-r58168 and add the insecure option in users.conf like this:
insecure = port, invite
and the console gave me this error:
[Mar 9 11:32:52] WARNING[26038]: chan_sip.c:15457 handle_common_options: Unknown insecure mode ‘port, invite’ on line 68
Then I changed for the old insecure = very and I had this warning:
[Mar 9 11:33:26] WARNING[26038]: chan_sip.c:15434 handle_common_options: insecure=very at line 68 is deprecated; use insecure=port,invite instead
Then I changed to
insecure = port,invite
and no errors…
Isn’t this strange?