SPA941 not registering on FreePBX

Hi, my boss got a bunch of SPA941 that come along side a SPA9000 and SPA400, it does connect to them, and it works, even all our other phones which are SPA504G work on the SPA9000 and 400 interfaces, however, while all our SPA504G work fine on out Asterisk 11.7.0 server, this SPA941 phones just wont connect, or register, the screen show only “failed” when I hit the extension key

I just configured it like any other phone, I checked the settings and there no difference between our SPA504G and the SPA941 ones, the settings are nearly identical in everything I even configure, which is Proxy, extension and password.

I know I’m using freePBX but still, any clues?

Ok, check this out, if anyone ever gets this problem as well, I use about 40 character long passwords on my extensions, and apparently while the SPA504G have no problem handling them, the SPA941 wont take any password that long at the very least, I had to shorten it to 12 characters and then it registered, I feel silly I did not notice this sooner, I hope my post at the very least can help someone in the future.