SPA3000 - SIP RTP CoS Mark 5 - incoming call ignored

Hello all,

Running asterisk (fedora core 15) after rebuiling my system from fedora core 10 (2.5 years old). I propagated changes from my old asterisk configuration files to the new installation.

I am using an SPA3000 to provide an interface to the PSTN.
Previously, I could receive calls.
Now I cannot receive incoming PSTN calls.
The PSTN interface is on port 5061, with password authentication.

Doing an asterisk -vvvvvvv, the most output I see is a single debug line with SIP RTP CoS Mark 5. Nothing else.
I’ve spent hours googling and nobody says what this message means, but it seems to be associated with some kind of failure.

I did replace an insecure=very with insecure=port,invite, as asterisk complained about the “very”.

Is there anyway to debug why this doesn’t work. Can anybody help me?

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens

The message isn’t an error. It means that you have configured a certain class of service, at the IP level, for the peer, and it has been set on the socket. Class of service is used to give priority to the VoIP traffic.

Thank you David55.

The message is associated with the incoming PSTN call. i.e., it occurs shortly after the PSTN line rings.
But there is no other debug output from asterisk.

How can I debug why asterisk appears to be ignoring the incoming call (in terms of establishing a call), but is not (in terms of the “Mark 5” messsage?

Thanks for any pointers,


sip set debug on

Also enable full logging in logger.conf