SPA-942 / backlight illuminating at re-registration


I’m trying to find out why the SPA-942 phones backlight is illuminating every hour, it seems to happen when the phone refresh its registration with the asterisk server.

Do you happen to also have this problem, did you find a way to avoid it ?


(firmware: 4.1.15)

PS: I’m crossposting this to the support forum at in case…

Mine do it too, also when I restart Asterisk. I’ve just been ignoring it, but if anyone knows how to suppress it I’d love to know.


I had this problem on my SPA942’s out of the box, I then updated the firmware, available on the linksys site, and they don’t do this anymore. Currently they are on the latest firmware release, I think I last updated them last week. However this bug was fixed in the 2nd release of firmware that was available.

Give that a try.

FYI - to update firmware I setup a TFTP server with the BIN file in, then reboot the SPA942 via a web-browser with the upgrade URL. If you need more info let me know.


thanks andy! It worked… I was hoping the firmware upgrade might magically help my paging autoanswer problem but no go…


I got paging auto answer to work with my SPA-841’s. The software is basically the same, so my method should work for you. The system that had that code doesn’t exist anymore (I’m trying to find my development files) or I’d share the code I used.

Essentially, you have to send *96 to the station to tell it you’re paging it. *96 is the paging code that the phone responds to. Then, on the USER tab, set ‘Auto answer page’ to ‘yes’.

You can change the *96 code to something else if you like. It’s done on the ‘Regional’ tab of the phone.

You should be able to work that into the extensions.conf instructions.

Good luck.

Thanks Dufus, I was having issues with the SIPAddHeader that I put into the paging macro. The GUI is stripping off the end of the header if I use it’s file editor. Instead I enabled SSH access and am editing the extensions.conf with vi which is working well and the autoanswer is now functioning like a charm. Though it’s very tinny sounding and if I put the all page on full duplex there is way too much noise.

Yes, I’ve never been a big fan of all page messages in full duplex mode. I’d not want it anyway, since it’s possible to overhear conversations at the destination phones.

I was thinking of trying to develop delay paging. Have the Asterisk box record your page as a sound file, and when you disconnect, have it played to each phone using the paging function. That way you avoid local feedback from your own phone’s speaker.

I just got lazy after the system that was using paging was shut down.