Sound quality problems with g729


I’ve purchased a set of g729 licenses, and when i recive a call, the incoming voice quality is very good, but the other side cant hear me well, my translation time :
gsm g729
gsm - 11
g729 3 -

I’m running Asterisk 1.4.18 on a i686 running Linux (rc4)

What could be the problem, and what can i do to debug?

i have also tested it on local network, using ulaw yields very good results, using g729 is bad …

its g729 <=> asterisk <=>gsm<=>landline … landline hears g729 well, but g729 doesnt hear landline well

Sounds like your box doesnt have the grunt to trancode and looking at the times they aren symentical.
I have to ask, but why are you using g729 on the lan the difference between 80k and 30k is insignificant to even a 10meg lan


i suppose grunt means ability or power (couldnt find a related meaning), my machine is a P4 3GHz , im using it on lan for testing, just to eliminate network problems over wan.

about the times not being symmetric , it seems this is normal, i found multiple examples and all show that time is not symetric! and seems encoding and decoding take different cycles .