Sound issue on VTH


Im new on Asterisk and FreePBX world and im a little confused in what to search to try to solve an issue im having with the audio on my VTH.

An example …

Those logs on the console dont say me anything… but when i call from or to the VTH, the sound is what you can hear.

If i call from my smartphone to VTO the audio is really good.
If i call from VTO to smartphone everything is good too.

But if i call from anywhere to my VTH, or from my VTH to somewhere else i only hear all that noise.
in the 2 devices on the the call.

The VTH model is: DH-VTH5341G-W.

I dont know what to do to debug to find the issue.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

After a bit of research, my best guess is that VTO and VTH are tems used to refer to the outside and the inside parts of a door entry intercom (“Entryphone”) in a block of flats etc.

Something is very wrong, but I think you will need to do a wireshark capture and work out where things are going wrong. About the only thing I can think of that would produce anything like this is if you have two audio streams going to the same device, e.g. a direct media feed and a music on hold feed, from the PBX. You’d really need lots of detailed logging to see if this is happening and understanding why.

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