Some questions of multiple hosts (cluster) configuration wit

I’m doing some work about multiple hosts (cluster) configuration and want to ask some questions.

The following is the sample of two hosts in the Asterisk,I am new to the chan_ss7,so I want to know the meaning of every configuration item.

enabled => yes
default_linkset => siuc
opc => 0x8e0
dpc => siuc:0x3fff,peer2:0x3aaa
if-1 =>
if-2 =>
links => l1:1,l3:2

enabled => yes
default_linkset => peer2
opc => 0x3aaa
dpc => siuc:0x3fff,peer2:0x8e0
if-1 =>
if-2 =>
links => l2:1,l4:2

; Listen on TCP port 5040
port => 5040
; Signalling traffic on link l1 is monitored by host gentoo2 on interfaces if-1 and if-2
l1 => gentoo2#if-1,gentoo2#if-2
l2 => gentoo1#if-1,gentoo1#if-2
l3 => gentoo2#if-1,gentoo2#if-2
l4 => gentoo1#if-1,gentoo1#if-2

If the host-gentoo1 and the host-gentoo2 compose the cluster system, and the another host named by gentoo3 want to establish communication with the cluster system by chan_ss7,what will be the configuration of ss7.conf in the host-gentoo3.