Some questions about asterisk

Hi there , i would like to know if there is any way to join SIP accounts to queues with rasterisk -x “command” or something similiar , since i must write a bash script that help us doing that job.

Second question is that we r having a bad time with the sound and asterisk , at this moment my company use X-lite and eyebeam , and i have lots of reports asking me to solve that problem , but i dont know what should i do. The problem is that our clients cant hear us to well , the sound is really low . Is there any way to solve that ? i alrdy tryd to modify txgain from zappata.conf but that dont help.


You could use the QueueAdd action in Asterisk Manager API to add accounts to the Queue.

One problem with using soft phones is you cannot seperate your voice traffic form other network traffic in either seperate VLANS or physical networks. If there is a lot of network usage voice quality will suffer. That being said theer are many places that run successfuly on soft phones but I suspect they use very high qaulity routers and switches.

How many extensions do you have and what are some of your network specs?