SOLVEDinstalling does /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl

I’m having a problem intalling, after installation I get does /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl even exist? Normally this is permissions problem but this time I checked and permissions seem to be ok. I was not able to run it. Can someone help with this issue. I’m using Centos 4.5 latest release. Thanks.

I went back to 1.4.5 with no problems. Thanks again.

I failed to mention that I use h323. One of the problems I’m having is that the configure file will not find openh323 and the other problem is that it will not load asterisk after the make.

In this case I used the configuration file from 1.4.6 in and it configured and loaded asterisk. I’m testing and things seem normal. I just don’t know for how long nor the effect it will have along the way, why this file does not work for me in it seems no one else is having this problem however I run a pure voip and h323 and that may be a difference. Could it be a bug in the configuration file? I don’t know any better and I don’t know whether this issue will be checked for the next release. Thanks.