[SOLVED] TDM2400 / r1t1 / b410p?

Dear All,

To resume b410p & r1t1 work well / TDM 2400 & r1t1 work well.
When I’m trying to use b410p & TDM2400 & r1t1 together, b410p is working fine but TDM2400 & r1t1 not. I don’t have any warning/error in the log… The analog phone connected to the TDM doesn’t give any tone and analog phone connect to r1t1 (thought Channel Bank) give a strange tone : It is randomly normal and sometimes, the tone become very shrill.

Please find now some details :
HW :
TDM 2400 : 12 FXO / 8 FXS
2 x Rhino R1T1 connected to Channel Bank 24 FXS
b410p connected to 3 BRI Access : so in TE mode.

SW :
OS = SME Edition with KERNEL upgraded to
Asterisk =
Zaptel = 1.4.4

I’ve only use the Digium Instruction to compil and setup modules and * :
Zaptel : * configure / make / make install / make b410p

  • : configure / make / make install.

misdn-init config give some errors :
Unknown line at line 5959
Unknown line at line 5960
Unknown line at line 5961
Unknown line at line 5962
Unknown line at line 5963
Unknown line at line 5964
Unknown line at line 5965
Unknown line at line 5966
Unknown line at line 5967
Unknown line at line 5968
Unknown line at line 5969
Unknown line at line 5970
[OK] found the following devices:
card=1,0x4Wildcard TDM2400P: New Reg: fe590000!

misdn-init start = no PB
zaptel start = no PB

Here is the output of dmesg :
Wildcard TDM2400P: New Reg: fe590000!
Detected REG0: 00000100
Detected REG1: 00007849
Detected REG2: 0000001d
(pre) Reg fc is 50000027
(post) Reg fc is 50000024
Detected REG2: 0000ffff
wctdm24xxp: reg is a04c0004
Resetting the modules…
During Resetting the modules…
After resetting the modules…
Port 1: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 2: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 3: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 4: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 5: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 6: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 7: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 8: Installed – AUTO FXS/DPO
Port 9: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 10: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 11: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 12: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 13: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 14: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 15: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 16: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 17: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 18: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 19: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 20: Installed – AUTO FXO (FCC mode)
Port 21: Not installed
Port 22: Not installed
Port 23: Not installed
Port 24: Not installed
VPM: Not Present
Found a Wildcard TDM: Wildcard TDM2400P (24 modules)
Registered tone zone 2 (France)
Using B8ZS/ESF coding/framing
Calling startup (flags is 4099)
Using B8ZS/ESF coding/framing
Calling startup (flags is 4099)
Zaptel: Master changed to R1T1/1
Zaptel: Master changed to R1T1/0

starting asterisk = no PB

Please find the output of “cat /proc/zaptel/*”

[root@asterisk ~]# cat /proc/zaptel/*
Span 1: R1T1/0 “Rhino R1T1 T1/PRI Card 0” B8ZS/ESF

       1 R1T1/0/1 FXOLS (In use) 
       2 R1T1/0/2 FXOLS (In use) 
       3 R1T1/0/3 FXOLS (In use) 
       4 R1T1/0/4 FXOLS (In use) 
       5 R1T1/0/5 FXOLS (In use) 
       6 R1T1/0/6 FXOLS (In use) 
       7 R1T1/0/7 FXOLS (In use) 
       8 R1T1/0/8 FXOLS (In use) 
       9 R1T1/0/9 FXOLS (In use) 
      10 R1T1/0/10 FXOLS (In use) 
      11 R1T1/0/11 FXOLS (In use) 
      12 R1T1/0/12 FXOLS (In use) 
      13 R1T1/0/13 FXOLS (In use) 
      14 R1T1/0/14 FXOLS (In use) 
      15 R1T1/0/15 FXOLS (In use) 
      16 R1T1/0/16 FXOLS (In use) 
      17 R1T1/0/17 FXOLS (In use) 
      18 R1T1/0/18 FXOLS (In use) 
      19 R1T1/0/19 FXOLS (In use) 
      20 R1T1/0/20 FXOLS (In use) 
      21 R1T1/0/21 FXOLS (In use) 
      22 R1T1/0/22 FXOLS (In use) 
      23 R1T1/0/23 FXOLS (In use) 
      24 R1T1/0/24 FXOLS (In use) 

Span 2: R1T1/1 “Rhino R1T1 T1/PRI Card 1” B8ZS/ESF

      25 R1T1/1/1 FXOLS (In use) 
      26 R1T1/1/2 FXOLS (In use) 
      27 R1T1/1/3 FXOLS (In use) 
      28 R1T1/1/4 FXOLS (In use) 
      29 R1T1/1/5 FXOLS (In use) 
      30 R1T1/1/6 FXOLS (In use) 
      31 R1T1/1/7 FXOLS (In use) 
      32 R1T1/1/8 FXOLS (In use) 
      33 R1T1/1/9 FXOLS (In use) 
      34 R1T1/1/10 FXOLS (In use) 
      35 R1T1/1/11 FXOLS (In use) 
      36 R1T1/1/12 FXOLS (In use) 
      37 R1T1/1/13 FXOLS (In use) 
      38 R1T1/1/14 FXOLS (In use) 
      39 R1T1/1/15 FXOLS (In use) 
      40 R1T1/1/16 FXOLS (In use) 
      41 R1T1/1/17 FXOLS (In use) 
      42 R1T1/1/18 FXOLS (In use) 
      43 R1T1/1/19 FXOLS (In use) 
      44 R1T1/1/20 FXOLS (In use) 
      45 R1T1/1/21 FXOLS (In use) 
      46 R1T1/1/22 FXOLS (In use) 
      47 R1T1/1/23 FXOLS (In use) 
      48 R1T1/1/24 FXOLS (In use) 

Span 3: WCTDM/0 "Wildcard TDM2400P Board 1"
IRQ misses: 133478

      49 WCTDM/0/0 FXOKS (In use) 
      50 WCTDM/0/1 FXOKS (In use) 
      51 WCTDM/0/2 FXOKS (In use) 
      52 WCTDM/0/3 FXOKS 
      53 WCTDM/0/4 FXOKS (In use) 
      54 WCTDM/0/5 FXOKS (In use) 
      55 WCTDM/0/6 FXOKS 
      56 WCTDM/0/7 FXOKS 
      57 WCTDM/0/8 FXSKS (In use) 
      58 WCTDM/0/9 FXSKS (In use) 
      59 WCTDM/0/10 FXSKS (In use) 
      60 WCTDM/0/11 FXSKS (In use) 
      61 WCTDM/0/12 FXSKS (In use) 
      62 WCTDM/0/13 FXSKS (In use) 
      63 WCTDM/0/14 FXSKS (In use) 
      64 WCTDM/0/15 FXSKS 
      65 WCTDM/0/16 FXSKS (In use) 
      66 WCTDM/0/17 FXSKS 
      67 WCTDM/0/18 FXSKS 
      68 WCTDM/0/19 FXSKS 
      69 WCTDM/0/20 
      70 WCTDM/0/21 
      71 WCTDM/0/22 
      72 WCTDM/0/23 

a zap show channels in the cli> gave the list of zap channels that are configured.

Is there specific process to run b410p with other zap card ? How could I debug ?? I’ve no idea where to begin …

Thank you in advance for your help.

PS : I’ve found another thread that is discussing about this pb :
mail-archive.com/asterisk-us … 84364.html

Dear All,

Just to informed that it was IDE driver problem. The perf was very low so the server could’t support all together.
The pb is Fixed after patching the kernel with VIA drivers and recompiling Kernel.

Zttool showed a lot of irq misses.

Rgs, flo_turc.