SOLVED sendvoicemail=yes not completely working

While in Comedian Mail after selecting 3 for advanced options, then 5 to leave a message I am directed to the correct mailbox I wish to leave a message. But after hearing the mailbox number/name announcement I am immediately taken back to my mailbox. No option is given to leave a message. I can forward messages, but can’t leave a message. All other aspects of the voicemail system I have tested work great.

This is on Debian Squeeze (Asterisk built by mmaki @ aster on a x86_64) with about 120 phones (mostly Polycom Soundpoint 550 and 560s with some Aastra and Grandstream phones with same resut).

This seems very similar to post viewtopic.php?f=1&t=79556&start=0&hilit=sendvoicemail



Bump this just once. Does anyone who uses sendvoicemail=yes confirm it works in version



Needed searchcontexts=yes in voicemail.conf