[SOLVED] PlayDTMF and Asterisk Manager

in order to simulate an xfert, I thought that the PlayDTMF manager command will be the right one.
All seems to be perfect :

  • I have the sound associated to the simulated key
  • I have the message : DTMF successfully queued

But, nothing happen (no xfert, no voice).
Did somebody use this command before, or have an idea ?

P.S. :

  • asterisk 1.4.6 (make, make install)
  • tests performed with agents or “standard” communications (Peer to Peer)

So I’m back on this matter (I and thus give enough time for a good samartan to help), and now, I think that PlayDTMF is not designed for what I want to do :

I wanted to simulate pressed keys in order to give order to Asterisk (an attented xfert) ; e.g. generate a #2 (it is my combination to performe an attended transfer) via Asterisk on the agent channel, and hope that Asterisk will deal this generation as order to himself (like those keys was indeed pressed by the agent). But I think that those DTMF simulation are intented to the guy at the end of the channel, and not asterisk.

I received a response from a digium guy on the mailing list :

That’s it.

P.S. : If you want the method you can read the thread on the user mailing list (july 2007)