[solved] Network connection from AGI

Since posting this I have stumbled across my own problem. I found some AGI docs (god only knows where) saying I should pass parameters enclosed in “”, or at least thats how I read it. So when my networking library tries to connect to “192.168.x.x” it cries :smile:

Move along, nothing to see here …

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Asterisk for a number of things and think its fantastic but lately I’ve started to push the edges of what it already does so I decided to look into the AGI.

I’ve got it working fine for a number of things but I’ve been trying to make it use network functions (via HawkNL) but despite a couple of days effort on this all it ever does is tell me the network is unreachable. I’ve tested the program on the command line and it works fine but for some reason it won’t through the AGI.

Anyone have any thoughts/experience of this?

Thanks in advance,