[Solved] MySQL CDR Queys suddenly blank

Hi All.

Odd problem. Asterisk 1.8 is suddlening sending blank querys to the mysql database. As evident below…

[Dec 5 13:54:55] DEBUG[5154] cdr_mysql.c: Inserting a CDR record. [Dec 5 13:54:55] DEBUG[5154] cdr_mysql.c: SQL command as follows: INSERT INTO cdr () VALUES ()

I did change one thing. I attempted to add another field to the database. I did that and it is there. I am under the impression that all I would then have to do it something like this.


And then it would start adding that to the query. I am sure this is what I am not understanding.

I commented out the above line and I still get the blank query by the way.

Any Thoughts?


For thoes who may want to know. It took a restart of Asterisk for it to start working. Not sure why as I did reload cdr_mysql.so and had the same problem.