[SOLVED] "loopback"

I need to configure one of the ports on our QuadBRI card to act as a “loop back” so i can have the card call itself to make sure my * setup + card are recveivning call’s properly ( as a precursor to phoning BT and getting an engineer out ) however im not 100% sure on what’s involved, I beleive that i need only configure one port as NT rather than TE, connect it to a port cnfigured as TE and call out on it to make sure things are doing what they should be, i am however unsure if this is correct, can someone confirm this for me ?

The loopback didnt work, even after setting one of the ports to NT mode the card reads the conenction as good but asterisk see’s nothing it seems!

On another note, the problem with the incomming calls was neither BT or my dialplan, it seems the bristuffed version of asterisk doesnt do a thing with the s extension on incomming calls from the isdn, however putting asterisk into a heavily verbose debug did show incomming calls which gave me all the information I needed to finish the configuration (since bt didnt).

Pain in the arse, but at least it show’s how easy it could have been to get our pbx fully functional :stuck_out_tongue: