[Solved]Key Presses Not Being Forwarded To Sipgate?

Asterisk 1.4.0-beta4
Aastra 480i CT Phone

I have made an extension to dial sipgates voicemail.
When connected the attendant prompts me to press “1” for my message. “*” for options or “#” to exit.
Pressing any of these keys does nothing. Sipgate doesn’t appear to receive my key presses. The attendant just keeps repeating the options.

If i dial my own mail box i created on Asterisk, i can navigate just fine with key presses, so key presses do work.

If i watch the console while key pressing to sipgate, the console doesn’t show that i pressed a key (using verbose 9).
Am i missing anything in my configs?
Searching these forums and google has yielded no results.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


Who knows we are not mind readers.

Post the configs and maybe we will be able to see.


After much more Googling i got it working.

I had to put:
allow=gsm in sip.conf(a compressed codec forces it to be sent out of band)
dtmfmode=info is also required(which i had)

I also turned off Suppress dtmf playback on my phone(don’t know if that made any difference)