[SOLVED] Call cascade to external phone fails

Upon attempting to dial any extension cascade to any external phone, the transfer fails with a fast busy signal and the following error:

utils.c: write() returned error: Broken pipe

I have rebooted the system and checked to make sure there are no new updates. It’s fairly critical that this feature works for us. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

That error is normally associated with sloppily written AGI or AMI, not with the phone call itself.

You don’t have adequate logging and you haven’t told us whether this is analogue, ISDN, H.323, Skinny, SIP, PJSIP etc.

Well, it certainly could be, but Digium wrote the AGI/AMI so there’s not much I can do about that.

I see you noted that I don’t have adequate logging. Can you explain how you know what type of logging I have set up and how to change it? Thank you for offering to give detailed instructions on that!

This is a SIP setup on Digium’s Switchvox. The transfer worked until a couple months ago.

You would need to contact Digium Technical Support for help with Switchvox.

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Awesome. I’ll get in touch with them then. Thank you!

Hi! It looks like the addition of the called id number worked, so this can be closed. Thank you!