[solved] Asterisk on Plesk?

I have a linux server with the Plesk 8.1 control panel installed on it. The server is located in the datacenter of The Planet in Houston. Used to be EV1.

This is server is a dedicated nameserver and acting as a place to store some backups from other servers on. The backups are all done at nighttime, and the nameserver processes hardly take any CPU time.

Couple of questions,

Can I install Asterisk on this server, and keep Plesk in one piece?

Any body done this before?

Anybody any suggestions?


Plesk is just a webhosting control panel. Running Asterisk won’t have anything to do with Plesk…

Thanks for the answer,

Right now I have Asterisk running on two different plesk servers, and no problems at all.

Both plesk servers have a very low load, so no performance issues.