Solid-state Asterisk box?


I’d like to use a simple box to act as an Asterisk server. I know that some people hacked a Linksys router to do just this, but unless a new model came out, I recall that it had very little memory available, so couldn’t host voice mailboxes.

Is there something equivalent but with an internal hard-drive so it can also recommend messages?

Thank you.

I dont remember the model off hand but there is one model that will allow you to add memory to it for voicemail. Also have a look at this site. This guy ran asterisk on a board with a blackfin processor.

there’s always this mod too …

theres two ways to do this.

first is the ‘hacked gadget’ approach. FWIW- apparently you can add a SD card interface to a WRT54g relatively easily. You could also use something like a Linksys NSLU2 network storage device with a USB memory stick in it.

The other is a low end motherboard, soemthing like a VIA EPIA that doesn’t use much power and a solid state hard drive. a CompactFlash card can be connected to IDE with a simple adapter and used as a ‘drive’. It is recommended to store logs and stuff on another flash drive as flash memory wears down over time, this way you don’t lose any config files if/as/when it dies.

Thanks a lot everyone. I’ll check out the above suggestions.

Have a look at This distribution is highly tuned to run on various low spec hardware (fanless systems, etc). I have build a VIA EPIA based system with an IDE connected 2GB disk which is completely fanless and works pretty well. I seem to remember that the hardware cost me about £200-£250.