SOHO install, do I need an analog interface card?


I have applied for subscription to the VOIP services of my telephone and ADSL provider (same company). The provider will supply me with a new telephone number, allowing me local calls and emergency numbers. I keep the old number. They present various setups for VOIP telephony, the simplest one being, for hardware, headset+PC+ADSL"modem" , the modem being connected to the phone wall socket. For Internet access, I have replaced the “modem” with a Linksys wi-fi adsl gateway.

My question is: with such an installation as described above, do I need an analog interface card such as TDM800P, or do I consider that I need not connect to the PSTN any longer? In the 2nd case, am I right to hope that with the adequate config of Asterisk, I will be able to implement features such as Follow-me or Call-back?

Thanks for your answers.

If you’re phone service provider is VOIP, it doesn’t sound like you’ll need a TDM card. You’ll probably only need the Asterisk box to register with your VOIP provider.

It sounds like the most difficult thing you’ll have to deal with will be NAT issues. But once you configure your system to do what you’d like, it should be pretty reliable.