Software monopoly?

I just want to let you all know about this

I was looking to buy a software and got mainly a lot of expensive sites, but then i dsicovered a site at
I tought this was a joke, but when i ordered and got the software it was just the full functioning software, exactly the same that i was about to pay way higher!

now, can anyone tell me what a big monopoly is going on there? These big stores are selling the same software for multiply-time expensive! Is this some sort of special politic to keep the prices high? Shouldn’t we all say “NO” to this kind of monopolization?

wouldn’t saying ‘no’ to spamming other people’s forums be a better idea?

these people should be rounded up and shot…

OK the site sales OEM and DSP software not legal when sold like it is on site.

OEM and DSP software dies with system it was installed on
OEM and DSP software is not transferable

Retail software can be reused if system dies
Retail software is transferable to new owners (with limits …need box/ docs / cd / Key

and if you want illegal software it is cheaper than that…