Softphones and hardphones

I have tested a number of soft phones and a Panasonic SIP-telephone. MicroSIP established bridged connection well. With some others, including the hard Panasonic phone, there is a short, but annoying delay in acoustic connection either on the incoming or outgoing leg. What asterisk and phone parameters should I adjust to make everything right?

Have you tried disable VAD/CNG at Panasonic config?
I suspect VAD are trying to check activity before you can hear realtime sound on handset.

I will check Panasonic. Thank you.
What about soft phones? Can I tune asterisk parameters to eliminate these delays in softphones?

Some softphones have VAD/CNG enabled by default too.
You must review their settings and disable it once the support is incomplete in Asterisk .

If MicroSIP works fine, all others must go in same way.
Did you tried Jitsi too?

I have just tried to use this softphone. There is no delay with it.

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