Softphone weirdness

I’ve been experimenting with X-Lite and Zoiper.

X-Lite had been working great up until it upgraded itself to build 47546. Now it sends mic audio but doesn’t play received audio. The old version gave me systray messages about reconfiging my soundcard, but I don’t get those anymore. Calling a Playback(demo-congrats) extension I hear nothing, but the timer counts up to the correct duration.

Zoiper is working great as a IAX softphone but not as a SIP softphone. On start or reconfig it says it’s registering SIP but never finishes. This is using the same account as with the X-Lite, obviously not at the same time.

The other party in all test cases is a Cisco 7910G used in both directions with duplicate SIP config. Always works as expected.

Try the snom softphone: