Softphone using AMI

Can it be possible to develop softphone using AMI with node.js or PHP ?
What I mean to say that I can originate a call from AMI, but what I know that Originate or Dial is two different event.

Can anyone suggest on this please ?

AMI is not a signaling protocol for developing softphones. They still have to connect over something like SIP to Asterisk.

I got your point. If I am not using AMI, then how Do I connect any Asterisk API from any softphpone? Or more preciously is there is any such Asterisk API exists based on which which I can use to Dial extension?

Please suggest

“Dial extension” can mean different things. AMI is an API that can be used to control aspects of Asterisk.

Ahhh… I understood… AMI should be used to control/Show the events happening in Asterisk
Then how to make a call using Asterisk API by using a telephony application and Answer the call.

Please advice.

This conversation is very familiar. I’ve answered this before but…

You use a signaling protocol, like SIP, to connect a softphone to Asterisk for calling. There is no Asterisk specific “API” for doing such a thing.

AMI can let you originate a call to it, and provide limited control over calls. Anything further is dependent on the softphone.

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