Softphone goes offline after a few minutes of inactivity (iphone)


I am using FreePBX and I have an issue with my softphones not staying online on mobile devices (iPhone5) after a few minutes of inactivity. That is, if I exit the app (Zoiper and Linphone) while keeping the phone unlocked or when I exit the app and lock the phone. I have the same softphones on desktop and they stay online as long as the PC is on.

Has anybody had the same issue and found a solution to get them to stay online 24/7 just like they do on desktop and my regular SIP phones?

Thanks in advance.


This doesn’t sound like a problem with Asterisk at all.

I would recommend contacting the creator of your softphone.

  • check Zoiper “Config”-“Connectivity” and make sure “Run in background” and “Keep Alive WiFi” are enabled. “Stay Awake” option is better to be used with TCP transport, so it is up to you. “Keep Alive WiFi” option cannot overwrite your WiFi Settings(Android Settings).

  • check if background data is not restricted for Zoiper.