Soft Phone?

Does anyone know if there are any developers out there making software phone add-ons for asterisk? SOmething that is designed to work with asterisk from your office pc’s and you would contoll on your desktop just like a normal phone but virtual. is this phone included or would i have to go with some sort of third party software.

It appears what you are asking for is a TAPI style application? There are various ways to acheive this. There is a TAPI driver available for Asterisk on Win32 here, which may be used to enable other TAPI applications to use Asterisk.

There are also applications that behave in a similar fashion but connect directly to the Asterisk Manager, such as Jon’s Phone Tool, but this one is OSX only (the one I prefer). You may find some alternatives here:

If you are not looking for call control of an existing set, then what you are looking for is a standard softphone and there are many of these that will work with Asterisk, a list is here (see Softphone section): … OIP+Phones