Soft DTMF inbput and reading

I want to pass some value through DTMF from one PSTN call to other PSTN, the issue is coming the length of value is not fixed I have to send 10 digits sometimes and 11 sometimes.

There is no issue in sending this but at the time of reading through Read() function
same =>n,Read(NUMBER,25,5)
I does not read if length is not absolute or less then 25

5 is not a valid option!

Are you saying that “Read(NUMBER)” fails?

yes let suppose I specify 25 at second place means Read function can read upto 25 digits, However if I pass 24 digits through soft DTMF then it fails.

It should return TIMEOUT, but should still return the digits. As you haven’t provided a timeout parameter, the default timeout should be used.

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