SNR Question

Hi all,

say I have a SNR setup so that users desk rings , then the cell phone

what I would like to do is have the user answer the call on the cell phone , then walk up to the desk and resume the call on the desk

this was one of the rare features in CISCO UC500 that we liked as the user could cut down on the minutes of airtime by walking back to the desk from the yard.
Fully understand that this would take two channels - but is it doable in asterisk ?

How do You want to “resume” the call? Just by picking the Phone, Dialing a code or how?

The only suggestion I can make right now is using a confbridge room and then You can enter from any phone.

To me, SNR means signal to noise ratio, so I don’t know what it means here.

This application sounds like one for parking.

In any case this is not a support forum.

SNR - Single Number Reach

With the cisco uc - the call is pinned to the phone on the desk and i am guessing then forwarded to the cell phone

you can just walk up to the desk - pick up the handset and the call is dropped from cell and back at the desk.

I am open to suggestions as to how to do this - perhaps we dial a code to barge into the call?

There may be simpler ways, but you could save the channel name in a global variable or database entry, keyed by the extension number. As it is possible that some channel names are still re-used, you should set a channel variable on the redirected channel, unless ${EXTEN} is still valid, so that you can check that it really belongs to the extension.

Then define a code to pickup the most recent such call, which looks up the channel name, checks it still exists and that it was originally for that extension, and then bridges to it.