Snom and Park Orbit

I’m not sure if this is a Snom issue or an Asterisk issue, but when I use the Park Orbit feature the phone properly parks the call but it hangs up the connection before Asterisk announces what parking extension it has parked the call on. Any Information on this would be appreciated. I am volunteering my time to setup a phone system for a new school that involves 30+ Snom phones and this is the only issues I have left to resolve.



I know this is a fairly old post but I am having the same problem too and I have not figured out a workaround or fix yet either. Since there are no replies other than mine, is is safe to assume no one has come up with a solution here? What I have found on the net was this “” which is a workaround but not a fix to the actual problem.

Is there anyone out there who has accomplished a solution to what seems to be the impossible?

Any help appreciated.