Smsq problems

I’m trying to get smsq working. When I do:

smsq 00000 register

I get a lot of attempts:

– Attempting call on Local/17094009 for application SMS(0) (Retry 1)
etc 11 times.

I’m in the UK so I read that the default number is correct. I only have a voip account, no pstn line. Is there someway of getting asterisk to connect to draytel for sms? I do have asterisk registered with draytel so I can call to landlines/mobiles etc.

I have tried using --motx-channel=sip/ and a few other things without any luck.


app_sms is compatible with:

Works to ETSI ES 201 912; compatible with BT SMS PSTN service in UK and Telecom Italia in Italy.


Ok I thought that might be the case. Cheers