SMDR Data Output

Hi there,

We are thinking of migrating from a traditional PBX, Nortel MICS, to Asterisk. However our CRM/Accounting Package has a custom integration with the data output from the Nortel SMDR that provides each of our representatives with screen pops and a desktop application that informs the agent who is on what line with which extension, etc based upon the real time data output from the Nortel SMDR.

The question is this, does anyone know of a feature of Asterisk or add on that can replicate the SMDR data output of the Nortel unit. I think it is standardized data format.

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi this sounds like the event log not the SMDR output. You will if you want to replicate it , Grab teh output and see what is being sent, These are not normally standard and are normaly unique to each PBX vendor. It may be possible once you know what is being sent to emulate it