Smbclient via System command

Hi friends,
i am trying to transfer my call recording file to windows share by using below command

TrySystem(/usr/bin/smbclient //foldername -U username password -c ‘put /folder1/abc-1293333.206.wav’)

the ${SYSTEMSTATUS} is returning me APPERROR, it means that file is not there… but the file is there. i can see. is anyone can help me out here?

Do you need the escape after smbclient before the space or after the space?

No, i just need to run the below command;
/usr/bin/smbclient //foldername -U username password -c ‘put /folder1/abc-1293333.206.wav’

as when i run this on linux console, it works. but it is not working in the asterisk dialplan.

Hi there,
i am able to transfer hurrah! i was missing the destination path in the command