Small question about hardware


I’m new to Asterisk and about to attempt installing the software over Fedora then next step on a separate machine. I will use it to start with personal use …two or three persons. I like to know what hardware that I will need to have so I can connect to the land line… or can I connect through the modem?
I will have an ether net 10/100 also installed that is connected to the DSL.

Your advise suggestion would be appreciated.


Digium AEX4xx with an FXO module for the landline and an FXS module for each analogue extension.

Digium TDM4xx will also work, but I believe they are end of line.

Support for voice modems ceased a long time ago.

There is one specific WinModem type card that could support a single exchange line, but I think support is being phased out.

You only need ethernet if you are using IP phones.

The old TDM400 is End of Life.

The TDM410 is its replacement and is a current product.
The AEX410 is the PCI-Express equivalent of the TDM410.