Small office setup solution

I work for a small office and thinking if I can replace the current office phone system with this software? Currently the office buy 8 phone numbers from the local phone company. I was thinking if I can do something like “NAT” on phones?

I was thinking along this line: The 2 directors will have their “static(DID)” numbers while we staff can share another number so customers call in only with the number but will need to press the extension of the staff or will be routed to the reception. The common number should allow 2 or 3 concurrent calls.

Any solutions? Cheers.

Yes there are many solutions here.

Asterisk PC, some Polycom phones or a channel bank, and poof it’ll beat what you have now… just remember that asterisk is NOT a keysystem, and the transition can be fun.

Contact me ken at nospam dot asteriasgi dot com if you need a consultant to help you our.