Skype for Asterisk - set availability


I have setup Skype for Asterisk and am able to receive calls.
However, I want to set my presence(avalability) on two ways.

standard with chan_skype.conf
set with dialplan

The first option, using chan_skype.conf does not recognize the options specified in the Admin Guide:
availability: Specifies the Skype user’s availability

so added to chan_skype.conf in the user section:

upon reload I get the following:
chan_skype.c: Unknown config option availability for user <>, line 242

the same for the "status"
status=Logged In
chan_skype.c: Unknown config option status for user <>, line 238

When I try to do it within the dialplan, I have created an extension to call:
exten => 8880,1,Set(SKYPE_ACCOUNT_PROPERTY(<>,availability)=Online)
exten => 8880,2,Hangup

-- Executing [8880@default:1] Set("SIP/2009-00000007", "SKYPE_ACCOUNT_PROPERTY(<<SKYPE USER>>|availability)=Online") in new stack

== Auto fallthrough, channel ‘SIP/3002-00000007’ status is ‘UNKNOWN’

How to get this working???


Nobody experiences with setting the skype availability in chan_skype.conf?

There are only a small number of people who monitor the forum regularly. It might even be the case that none of them use the Skype gateway.

Ok, can you advise me where to ask this question? I can understand that not everybody uses Skype for Asterisk.


As a Digium customer, you’re welcome to contact our Support department for an answer to your question. Please follow the procedure at: