Skip voicemail envelope read?

Hello all,

I’m running asterisk

The issue I’m running into is:

Users want to hear the caller id and date/time for each of the voicemail messages that have been left. That part is easy set saycid=yes and envelope=yes in voicemail.conf.

What the users don’t want, is to have to listen to every envelope and every caller id for every message every time. Sometimes, you had just missed a call from someone, and you just have the one voicemail message. You already know who it is, and when it happened. You just want to get to the message.

Is it possible to skip the message envelope when listening to your voicemail messages?

I haven’t saw this in any of the wiki’s that I’ve looked around on (primarily Any help here would be extremely appreciated.

for some reason, I never found in any documentation, until now… that you can press 1 to skip the envelope…

thanks anyway :smile: