Size Mismatch: Type Size 1 != 4

Hi all,

please find the below error message and provide a solution

[root@TELECOM2 ~]# /usr/sbin/wancfg
****** Reading section [devices]…
****** Reading section [wanpipe1]…

  • Setting CARD_TYPE to AFT
  • Setting S514CPU to A
  • Setting COMMPORT to PRI
  • Setting AUTO_PCISLOT to NO
  • Setting PCISLOT to 4
  • Setting PCIBUS to 5
  • Setting FE_MEDIA to E1
  • Setting FE_LCODE to HDB3
  • Setting FE_FRAME to CRC4
  • Setting FE_LINE to 1
  • Setting TE_CLOCK to NORMAL
  • Setting TE_REF_CLOCK to 0
  • Setting TE_SIG_MODE to CCS

==========CRITICAL ERROR============

Size Mismatch: Type Size 1 != 4

Plese email /var/log/wanrouter file to Sangoma Support
Email to

  • Setting TE_RX_SLEVEL to 430
    wancfg: Error in File: conf_file_reader.cpp, Function: read_wanpipe_section(), Line: 1355. Text:
  • Unknown parameter HW_RJ45_PORT_MAP!

Thanks in advance

There is a bug in Sangoma’s driver. Email the address in the message, or replace the Sangoma hardware with Digium hardware.

Hi david

Thanks for the reply…
i just reconfigured the interface card
now its working fine…