Sipura SPA-3000 invitation too slow ca. 12seconds

I faced another problem.
I have a small testenvironment with SIP phones Cisco 7960G, Snom-320, AT-320
and an analogue phone via the SPA-3000 box connected via a switch together with the Asterisk server.


When I call via one of the SIP phones the ringing starts directly on the analogue phone.
When I call via the analogue phone one of the SIP phones it takes about 12 seconds the ringing starts.
When I take the hook off of the SIP phone during these 12 seconds I hear nothing so it is not signalling only.
I checked the timers but couldn’t find any problem there.


Is there a certain parameter I have to configure in the SPA-3000 to solve this problem or is/could there be other causes ?

Thanks in advance !

try disable progress inband?

Progressinband=never does not solve the problem.

I have the solution:

I changed the Inter Digit Timer under Control Timer Values under Tab
"Regional"in the SPA-3000 web interface.
You have to be admin and go to the advanced options ( see top right on web interface.

Now the ringing starts after acceptable time.

Thanks a lot for your support !